Tangie Rove Carts


Herbal, Pine and Peppery

Buy Tangie Rove Carts Online

Rove is proud to present our favorite strains from our top cultivation partners. Buy tangie rove carts online. Together, we are excited to offer you a truly unique cannabis experience – high potency, single source, whole plant extracted cannabis oil with its original full spectrum terpenes from our state’s top growers.

Buy Tangie Rove Carts

In addition, Tangie is another awesome contribution from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam that has immediately picked up fame in its home and is spreading somewhere else. Also, this strain is a redo of sorts of the famous adaptation of Tangerine Dream that was looked for after during the 1990s.  Therefore, the hereditary qualities on this strain are a cross of California Orange and a Skunk half and half. And its citrus legacy is the most apparent in its invigorating tangerine smell. Also as a plant, Tangie develops best outside, creating clingy buds that give euphoric yet loosened up impacts.

Buy Tangie Rove Carts Online

Tangie Rove Carts For Sale

Furthermore, Euphoria, happiness, and relaxation – these are the states that will slowly inundate your senses. This strain has strong, feel good powers that tingle and motivate. Also, Let your spirit fizzle and your creativity pop as Tangie hits home with sweet citrus notes, bringing out your vibrant side. Color every moment with Tangie!



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